Master EUCOR in water sustainability

Projet Seed Money en cours : European Master in Continental Water Sustainability

With the new Master Course “MWS – European Master in Continental Water Sustainability”, the three Eucor universities of Strasbourg, KIT and Freiburg aim to train a new generation of experts with interdisciplinary competences in the field of continental water management. Based on the insight that the interactions between humans and the environment as well as the identification of tipping points are becoming increasingly complex, the researchers from France and Germany are convinced that sustainable management in the field of socio-hydrosystems requires experts at the interface of natural, social, and engineering sciences. The problem- and practice-oriented training is based on the existing cooperation in the Upper Rhine region. After an initial test phase, the project partners would like to offer the Master programme as a two-year programme with other partners from the Eucor network. Eucor – The European Campus supports the project with the Seed Money funding instrument in the “Teaching” funding line.


  • Strasbourg : Gwenaël Imfeld
  • Freiburg : Jan Blöthe
  • KIT : Florian Wittmann
  • UHA : Brice Martin

Master's degree EUCOR in Water sustainability

RISE submitted the project 'MWS - European Master's degree in Continental Water Sustainability' to the EUCOR 'Seed Money' call in October 2021.

The technical objective of MWS is to develop the concept and curriculum of a Master's degree for the sustainable management of continental aquatic socio-ecosystems by including the best capabilities of the EUCOR partners from the Universities of Strasbourg and Freiburg, KIT-Karlsruhe, and the Ecole Nationale du Génie de l'Eau et de l'Environnement de Strasbourg (ENGEES). To achieve this objective, in close collaboration with all partners, a project manager will be employed to discuss with interested teachers and identify course units that could be shared between the partner institutions. Some course units will also be created to enable students to combine knowledge from different sciences and develop adaptive, innovative and sustainable solutions.

The academic objective of MWS is to join forces to pedagogically overcome various "boundaries" in the field of water sustainability:

  • (i) Interdisciplinarity: communication social sciences and natural sciences,
  • (ii) Institutional lock-in effects hindering collaboration between scientists and practitioners between scientists and practitioners,
  • (iii) National and cultural borders of the Upper Rhine, which represent an exceptional area for bringing together and developing international water sciences, innovation and common learning opportunities, and
  • (iv) Global environmental issues.

EUCOR Seed Money scheme:

Contact: G. Imfeld (, RISE