Alsatian university site Partners


RISE works in synergy and complementarity with existing structures and networks, in particular:

  • Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe (eLTER) and International long-term, site-based Ecological and socio-ecological Research (ILTER);
  • Urban Environmental Workshop Area (ZAEU);
  • Network of OHMs (LABEX DRIIHM), in particular the OHM Fessenheim;
  • Cluster for sustainability research in the Upper Rhine (URCforSR);
  • OZCAR research infrastructure;
  • Disruptive network on architectures in extreme environments (RSTARCHES);
  • Polar research networks: IASC - International Arctic Science; ISC, SCAR; ATS - Antarctic Treaty System; IPEV - Institute Paul-Emile Victor; ASERWA - Antarctic and Subantarctic Environmental Research Workshop Area; GDR "High Latitude" project (IPEV).