State-Region Plan Contract RENETE

Structuring by FERED of the State-Region Plan Contract RENETE  Environmental Research of Excellence for Global Change and Ecological Transition

RISE is strongly involved in the setting up of the CPER project RENETE (2021-2027), which aims at strengthening and developing the research infrastructures in environment and sustainability of the Grand-Est Region. RENETE will enable the emergence of a Grand-Est interdisciplinary network in environmental science to meet the major challenges of the ecological and energy transition, the preservation and development of natural resources, including health-environment aspects and support for other global changes. It is based on :

  •     an effort to structure the research community;
  •     a coherent structured dynamic on each of the sites, and in interaction with regional partners and players;
  •     a structured set of analytical, experimental and observation platforms.

RENETE brings together nearly 200 researchers, teacher-researchers and engineers, 42 research units and 47 research platforms in the Grand-East Region, and relies on the OSU OTELO (Nancy), RISE (Alsace academic site) and various observation and experimental platforms (Reims). RENETE is based on a regional equipment strategy that would provide a complete offer for the scientific community on the scale of the sites and of the Grand-East for research in environment and sustainability, while serving as a lever for national and international collaborations around its flagship instruments.

RENETE is co-directed by Raphaël PIK (CRPG, OTELO), Emmanuel GUILLON (ICMR, AEBB, SHS, SNI clusters) & Gwenaël IMFELD (ITES, RISE)