RISE lecture series

Focusing on environmental and sustainability research, RISE deepens the following themes

  • Reflexive approach on socio-ecosystems and their trajectories: building bridges between human and social sciences and bio-geophysical sciences,
  • Urban transition and climate change,
  • Which transition towards a sustainability of hydrosystems in a context of global change? - The Upper Rhine Valley, a cross-border innovation hub.

The RISE organizes a series of lectures on these themes on Fridays from 10 to 11 am.


The aim of this conference cycle is to prepare the RISE workshops to construct research projects and to strengthen scientific interactions. It gives the floor to internationally recognized personalities in sustainability science.



  • Friday 5 novembre : 11:30 am - Si le sol disparaît, où se porteront nos pas ? Itinéraires en Louisiane - PROF. MATTHIEU DUPERREX (FR)

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Friday 12 February

Dr. Steven Ashley Forrest 

The Pursuit of Resilience: Maintaining or Challenging the Status Quo in Flood Management?


Friday 12 March

Nobouko Nansenet

Construire en pierre massive : une alternative vers la sobriété. 


Friday 19 March

Fabiano Lemes De Oliveira

The question of nature in planning


Friday 26 March

Prof. G. Mathias Kondolf  

The Social Connectivity of Urban Rivers: Integrating Social and Natural Science in River Restoration


Friday 9 April

Annik Schnitzler

Les forêts vosgiennes au cours du petit Age glaciaire : une formidable résilience grâce à un abandon total des usages. 


Friday 16 April

Darío Angulo Jaramillo

Valorisation et visibilité de l’ Architecture de terre en Colombie

Friday 21st MayProf. Almut Alreth

Land in the climate system - some model-based examples from different sustainability perspectives

Coming soon
Friday 28 MayProf. Jamie Linton

Sustaining multiple “waters” in the 21st century

Friday 4 JuneFrançois Chiron

L'écologie de l'asphalte et du béton -  comment affirmer la nature des villes?

Friday 11 June

Prof. William K Jaeger

Meeting the Challenges of Interdisciplinary Research on Human-Natural Systems to Advance Sustainability

Friday 18 JuneDr.-Ing. Sonja DeppischSocio-ecological resilience and sustainability in urban and regional developmentUnavailable