University degree

New University Diploma "Pollution, nuisance and resilience"

At the University of Strasbourg, the new multidisciplinary formula of the University Diploma "Pollutions, nuisances and resilience(s)" in environmental sciences enables the training of actors in environmental protection and henceforth the validation of an internship of 2 to 6 months. In these difficult years, this training offers an additional possibility for students to better integrate into the professional world after an initial training (master). 15 students will benefit from this scheme with an internship and/or thesis. An academic tutor will have to follow the research for the thesis or the internship. Do not hesitate to apply on the e-candidat platform of the University of Strasbourg (Faculty of Law).


For further information, please contact Marie-Pierre CAMPROUX, head of the diploma programme: m.camproux[at]