Workshops "Cities in transition, resilience and adaptation to climate change"

The purpose of the micro-cafés and workshops is to generate research projects within FERED. The micro-cafés (1st June) followed the 1st Workshop "Cities in transition, resilience and adaptation to climate change" (30 April 2021).

Access to the minutes of the workshops (30 April)

    G1 "Living in the city" - Urban planning, Construction and renovation of buildings, Mobility, Governance & mobilisation, Trajectories,
    G2 "The City and its Nature" - Representation of Nature, Vegetation, Water, Biodiversity, Urban Agriculture,
    G3 "The city through its flows" - Energy, Sobriety, Incentives & Emission reductions,
    G4 "The city and its sanitation" - Urban discharges/environmental impacts, reduction, remediation, re-use, recycling, resource recovery, integrated management, responsibilities and actors.

Access to the report of the 1st micro-café (1st June)

    Reconnecting cities with their waterways.
    Socio-spatial inequalities linked to the environment.
    Biocides/micropollutants, diffuse and punctual.
    Rethinking the production-consumption-recycling cycle.
    Potential of common/public spaces.

We would like to thank all the participants in these workshops, which enabled rich exchanges and activated new avenues for collaboration.

See you soon for new workshops!

Topics of the next workshop 'What transition for the sustainability of socio-hydrosystems in a context of global change?

Cross-border river social hydrosystem :

  • Cross-border strategic approach for the restoration of the Rhine (Man-Nature / Living Rhine),
  • River sediment trajectories – a holistic/hydrosocial approach to evaluate and predict the benefits, risks and futures of river sediment.


Socio-ecosystems of the alluvial plain and watersheds (incl. City) :

  • Quantitative/qualitative water evolution of socio-(agro)-hydrosystems in a context of global change: co-construction of scenarios - modelling of trajectories,
  • Porous and permeable cities - rethinking the storage and transfer functions of the city,
  • Human-river 'rendezvous' site in the city (ecology and well-being).