Seminar 2023 - One Health Presentation of projects and prospects in environmental health // Faculty of Medicine & FERED


The environmental health research strengths of our university site in Alsace are remarkable. We are proposing an initial meeting to lay the foundations for a Unistra doctrine, followed by a convivial buffet at a "One Health" conference.

18 December 2023 | 9.00am - 12.30pm
Salle Ourisson, Institut Le Bel
4 Rue Blaise Pascal, 67000 Strasbourg

This conference is co-organised by the Faculty of Medicine and the Environment and Sustainability Research Federation of the University of Strasbourg (FERED).


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Environmental health has become a major public concern. The "One Health" concept must be a priority shared by all. Our university's commitment to this societal approach should enable us to develop training and research activities in a highly transdisciplinary dynamic. Our university, with the strength of its skills, must become a leading player in "One Health" priorities. These initiatives are part of an innovative approach to public and environmental health that focuses on the health of humans, animals and ecosystems. This 'One Health' approach will be shared with stakeholders and decision-makers. This first 'One Health' symposium in Strasbourg will provide an opportunity to discuss the research projects being carried out by our teams, who will be meeting for the first time. It will also give research groups the opportunity to present their current and future work and express their needs. The symposium is also an opportunity to exchange ideas, develop synergies and discuss topical issues.